Shop or Retail Fascias come in every size, style and design you can imagine. Whatever the purpose, whether its a name on the exterior of your premises, display units, interior signs, a logo or general advertising, All About Signs can offer you over 30 years of experience to find the right solution and installation at the right price.
At All About Signs we can create signs in various materials whether they incorporate lights, be 2D or 3D, translucent, LED etc. We can normally find a solution that will fit your budget.
The main materials we work with are:
Foamex Signs – Also known as rigid PVC boards. These are available in various colours and different thicknesses to suit the environment and conditions they will be subject to. They are UV resistant, mid – long term durability, very light and can be fixed to walls using double sided tape or Velcro meaning no frames are necessary.Foamex signs can also be laminated for a smoother finish and we can print straight the design directly to the surface if you wish.
Aluminium Signs (ACP) – ACP stands for Aluminium Composite Panels. These are light weight, weather, corrosion and impact resistant. Generally used for commercial signs, public identities, display boards, billboards, showroom finishes, partition and ceiling panels. ACP gives a far more classy look than Foamex, and is always our first choice for external signage that you want to stay perfect for longer.
Light Boxes – These are perfect for retail displays, exhibitions, restaurants, cosmetic shop windows, bar and night club promotions and much much more. Light boxes range from ultra slim backlit signs with tubes or LEDs to the large fascias that wrap around buildings. All About Signs Light boxes are are very durable being made from good quality Aluminium and are extremely weather resistant. Be aware of cheap imitations, with a light box you get what you pay for!
Flex face signs – For large signs that need to be made and fitted in once piece, then a flex face system is the solution we would recommend. These can be illuminated as well and makes for a great impression.Flex face systems once installed have the added advantage of being able to have the graphic changed without the cost for a new frame – as banner materials and prints are cost effective compared with Aluminium signs.
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