Window films provide a good solution where you are experiencing any window or glass problems with heat, UV damage, glare and so on.
Window films don’t have to be be straight forward tints either – today window films come in all sort of exotic colours and can create amazing effects.
Proper window frosting is very expensive, but we carry a wide range of window  frosting films that are very difficult to tell apart from the real thing. Not only can they save you a small fortune but window frosting films are much easier to clean too, giving that professional look for longer.
As well as the frosting films we do also supply and fit solar control window films which can greatly benefit your company in the fact that your employees will be satisfied with their working environment conditions.
Window films are also available to be installed in your home, for example frosting could be used on a glass shower enclosure. With the use of window films you could also apply a tint to the windows in your conservatory to help with UV glare and help reduce fading on furniture within the room.
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