Business cards are a unique expression of your business and ultimately give the first impression as to what your business is like. They are usually exchanged during a formal interview as a memory aid to remind people of who you are and your responsibility.
At All About Signs we are aware that there are many easy-to-access resources enabling people to buy or make their own business cards very cheaply, but do you want yourself represented by a floppy dog-earred business card or a business card with more quality and endurability?
All About Signs offer a variety of weights for your business cards with different finishing options such as silk, gloss, matt laminated, textured, even transparent, plastic, metal or leather business cards are available, as are radius corners or other customisations.
Traditional business cards will include your company name and logo plus your contact information, name, address, telephone numbers, email address and these tend to be more simple designs. Alternatively at All About Signs we could do complex and striking artwork to really make your business adverts stand out from the competition. Its entirely your decision with which way you want to go with them. You give us your specification and we will design and print them to the highest standard possible. You can supply us with your own artwork or All About Signs can produce a design according to your brief.
Remember that the business card format can also be used for more then one purpose. They can be used for loyalty cards, appointments, date reminders, wedding/seating placements gift cards and more…

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